About Us

  • Who We Are

    Outdoor Outlet, Inc. is an outdoor retailer dedicated to providing great deals on quality outdoor equipment. We believe enjoying the outdoors should be affordable and we work hard to bring our customers the best value on camping, backpacking, and specialty outdoor gear.  

    At Outdoor Outlet we personally test and use many of the products we carry, allowing us to help our customers choose the best product to meet their specific needs. We believe in customer satisfaction and are committed to providing the highest level of service possible.

    Our History

    1983 - Outdoor Outlet, Inc is founded by the Kellwood Company, the parent company of the popular outdoor brands Wenzel and Kelty.

               - First retail store opens in St. George, Utah under the name the "Wenzel Outlet Store".

    1984 - Name is changed to "Outdoor Outlet".

    1984-1988 - Outdoor Outlet expands to a total of 7 retail locations across the United States including Alabama, Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Utah, and Vermont.

    1988 - It is decided to keep only the original St. George, Utah location.

    1991 - Outdoor Outlet's mail order catalog service begins.

    1997 - Company website, www.outdooroutlet.com, is launched.

    2008 - The St. George location is closed.

    2009 - Outdoor Outlet merges with new owners in California.

    2010 - Outdoor Outlet celebrates grand opening of new retail store in Alhambra, CA.

    2011 - Outdoor Outlet celebrates grand opening of new retail store in Mayfield, NY.

    Today - Outdoor Outlet continues to offer the same great deals on outdoor gear here at and in our CA & NY retail stores!

    What Sets Us Apart

    We love the outdoors and believe in the products we sell because we actually use many of them ourselves. We provide our customers with extensive product information and offer honest advice and information from our own experiences. Our customers can be assured to get the best product for their money. If we feel a product is lacking in quality we won’t carry it in our store.
    Here's why people are turning to Outdoor Outlet for their outdoor equipment needs:

    • Knowledgeable Team, Accurate Answers.
    • Quick Response Times.
    • Trustworthy Staff, Trustworthy Company.
    • Safe, Secure Transactions.
    • Quality Products at Low Prices.

    We are excited to expand both our retail and online businesses, and look forward to continuing to provide quality outdoor equipment at discounted prices!