FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  • General Questions

    Q: Why do some product photos say “actual color may differ from photo”?

    Due to the difference in each monitor's calibration and display, the actual color of the product ordered may differ from the color displayed on your monitor.

    Q: What happened to the Outdoor Outlet retail store in St. George, Utah?

    Outdoor Outlet has recently merged with new owners in California, and after 25 years the St. George location was closed. We have since opened our first of many new retail locations with our flagship store located in Alhambra, CA area. Please contact us to learn more.

    Ordering & Purchasing

    Q: Why am I receiving a warning message about JavaScript being turned off?

    Our website uses JavaScript to provide our customers with a better online shopping experience. If you are receiving this warning, open your browser settings and make sure JavaScript is enabled.

    Q: Why do I need cookies enabled to use www.outdooroutlet.com?

    Cookies are used as session identifiers to allow us to keep track of the items you add to your shopping cart while you navigate our website. The use of cookies is intended to enhance your online shopping experience. We do not use cookies for tracking purposes nor do we collect any personal information.

    Q: What do I do if I experience technical problems while navigating or ordering from www.outdooroutlet.com?

    First, please check your web browser settings and verify that you have JavaScript enabled and cookies are allowed. If that does not solve the problem you may try restarting your web browser. If the issue still persists you may try restarting your computer.

    If the above steps do not resolve your issue, please call us toll-free at 1-800-726-8106 and place your order by phone.

    Q: Will I be charged sales tax if I order from your website?

    We are required to collect sales tax for all orders being shipped to California or New York. For all other orders you will not be charged sales tax.

    Q: Can I pay via check for an Outrageous Deal?

    At this time, we do not accept checks as payment for our Outrageous Deals, Special Priced, or Sale items due to the lengthy processing time associated with check orders.

    Product Availability

    Q: Are the products on your website in stock?

    Products displayed on our website are in stock unless otherwise noted. In some situations a product is in stock at the time of your order but is no longer in stock by the time your payment has cleared. If this occurs, we will notify you of a backorder situation.

    Q: How quickly will you process my order?

    For items that are in stock, orders are verified, packed and shipped within 2 business days.

    Q: How do I know if an item is in stock?

    If an item is available for sale on our website, it should be in stock or received into our warehouse inventory within a few days.

    Q: Will you tell me if an item is on backorder?

    If you place an order for an item that is out of stock, we will notify you of the backorder status and ship any items on your order that are currently available. Your backordered item will be shipped to you as soon as we receive our additional stock. You are only billed for what has actually shipped. If your order ships from multiple warehouses, you will only pay the shipping from your initial order.

    Q: How do I know when my backordered item(s) will become available?

    Outdoor Outlet provides the latest tracking information as provided by our suppliers. We will email you the order status for any product that is temporarily out of stock. For rush shipments we will also call you with the status of your order. In some cases real-time tracking is not available to us, in which case we will provide our best delivery estimate.

    Q: What happens when my backordered item is discontinued?

    We will notify you when a backordered item becomes discontinued and make every effort to offer an alternative product. In the event that we cannot offer an alternative product, Outdoor Outlet will fully refund your order and we'll refer you to the manufacturer for further assistance in locating an alternative product.

    Q: Why does my order ship from two different warehouses sometimes?

    Outdoor Outlet ships your order to your shipping destination from the closest warehouse with the product in stock. Sometimes this means your order will ship from multiple locations, but we will provide tracking information for each shipment.

    Warranty & Repairs

    Q: Most manufacturers offer a Lifetime Warranty. What does this mean?

    A Lifetime Warranty means the product should last the normal lifetime of other similar products. Please refer to the specific manufacturer's website to learn more about their

    Q: What exactly is covered by a manufacturer warranty?

    Generally, a manufacturer warranty will only cover defects and problems that are the result of defective materials, poor product design, or an error in the product's assembly. A manufacturer typically does not cover damages that are beyond their control. For repairs outside of these circumstances the manufacturer may be able to repair your product. Contact the manufacturer directly to learn more about their warranty information and repairs.

    Q: Is there any set rule as to how long something should last?

    There is no set rule for how long a product should last. The lifetime of a product depends on many things including the type of use, as well as how often a product is used.

    Factory Blemished, 2nds & Reconditioned Items

    Q: What exactly does “Factory Blemished”, "Factory 2nds" or “Reconditioned” mean?

    "Factory Blemished", "Factory 2nd" or "Reconditioned" refers to a product with a flaw that prevents it from being sold as "new" or 1st quality.

    Q: What types of flaws do Factory 2nds usually have?

    All flaws vary per item. If you are worried about purchasing a Factory 2nd item, you have 45 days to send it back if you are not satisfied (remember you pay the return shipping). The most common flaws include the following:

    -Sewing problem (it will be fixed but may not look as nice as a new one)

    -Fabric stain (often happens when dying the fabric and usually can’t be fixed)

    -Slightly used (as a display in stores, photo shoots, test runs, or returned by a customer for some reason and repaired)

    -Missing minor parts (pegs, gear loft or instructions)

    We recommend that if you are worried about any of these flaws that you purchase a new item instead. If you think you can live with a less than perfect product and you want to save money, give a Factory 2nd item a try.

    Q: What kind of warranty does a Factory 2nd have?

    Factory 2nds do not carry a warranty, but you have 45 days to determine if you are pleased with the item or return it to us. We sell every 2nd that we receive and do not want to mislead you about the condition of an item.

    Q: Can you look through all your 2nd products and pick the best one for me?

    We are not able to go through our entire stock each time we ship a product. Every Factory 2nd is inspected and deemed sellable before we list it for sale on our website. All Factory 2nd items have some flaw, or they would not be considered a Factory 2nd. For tents, we don’t include missing small accessories (tent pegs, gear lofts, etc), but we do include the major accessories.

    Q: Is it possible to be added to a list to get a Factory 2nd of a specific product?

    Unfortunately we are no longer are able to offer this service.

    Q: What happened to the Factory 2nd tents you used to list on www.outdooroutlet.com?

    At this time we are unable to purchase Factory 2nd tents to refurbish and resell. We are unsure as to when these will become available to us again, but you can check back periodically as we hope to offer these items in the future.