Mountain Hardwear Information

  • Moments of challenge define us as human beings. During those moments of challenge, our character, resolve, and our values are tested in ways that enable us to grow and realize our potential and push ourselves and mankind a little further.…

    Our brand was founded by a group of passionate people, who on a shoe-string,

    In the first 16 years, our brand has been focused on the literal mountain. Climbing to the highest peaks in the world, humbly standing on their summits and celebrating the possibilities realized from pursuing dreams with relentless passion and focus. We have always looked for the next big challenge, the next big climb, the steepest descent, the longest wild run to feed our insatiable appetite to test our resolve, and push beyond our perceived limits and learn a little more about ourselves. As we learned more about ourselves, grew, and expanded as human beings, and within our culture, we realized standing on the peak didn’t define who we were and our potential; it was the moments of challenge, along the journey that defined us. We celebrate those individuals and are inspired by big dreamers that believe anything is possible.

    We build the world’s most technologically advanced products to enable those people who seek out challenge as a way to progress their own potential in life.

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