AKU Information

  • A Brief History:
    AKU’s rich history includes more than 50 years of experience in all aspects of footwear design. Shortly after World War II, a young man named Galliano Bordin, began to work at the traditional arts of shoemaking and leather tanning. By the early 1960s, at the age of 25, he opened his own welted boot factory, producing technical mountain footwear.Toward the end of the ‘70s, Galliano launched the Dinsport brand name and achieved a leadership position in the cross country boot market as well. In the year 1990 the brand AKU made its debut. Within the decade the AKU brand will attain a worldwide distribution for its branded products.

    AKU is an internationally operating company headquartered in Italy’s Montebelluna District, a region renowned worldwide as an important business centre and leader in the production of technical footwear. Today, while many competing brands have moved their production to the Far East, all AKU boots still vaunt the prestigious “Made in Italy” label. New methods and materials are continuously being researched to keep AKU in the forefront of technology, all the while maintaining the hands-on footwear craftsmanship mentality from which the company started. The combination of state-of-theart technology with the hands of traditional skilled shoemakers promises to maintain the growth of AKU into the new millennium.

    Proprietary Craftsmanship:
    What makes an AKU boot special is its close attention to the details of the art of shoemaking. Unlike other art forms, the making of a shoe is a threedimensional study. Not only does the outward look and design have to be compelling, but the interpretation of the human foot morphology has to be determined – in other words, the “inner space” of the shoe. It is within this area that AKU excels. Through years of experience and testing, the current AKU collection has many proprietary secrets that allow it to offer the best fitting boots on the market.
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