Fleece Sleeping Bag Features -

* 32 inches wide by 75 inches long
* Better finish than many brands
* Full length zipper, may be zipped all the way open
* Use for watching TV, extra warmth on cold winter nights, sleep overs, or as a washable sleeping bag liner
* Adds 5 deg of warmth to any regular sleeping bag

Many people use this as a stand alone fleece sleeping bag. It's not really warm (maybe good to about 55 or 60 deg by it's self.) However, it's good for sleep overs, and places where it's warm. It would have been good for sleeping on the beach when I lived in Hawaii.

It's also good to use this as a liner in your regular sleeping bag. It adds about 5 deg to the temp rating. (meaning it makes your bag about 5 deg warmer) and you can take it out and wash it if it gets dirty. That saves your bag so it doesn't have to be washed so often.

If you use it as a stand alone sleeping bag, please use a pad or tarp underneath it, as it is not waterproof, and grass and weeds would tend to stick to the fleece if it was un-protected. (Inside a tent would be just fine.)
Product Codes: 049794152137