Lighter than the Trekker™ Lounge, the Trekker Chair provides the essential comfort of a chair in a modular form that's easier to pack. Set-up is fast and easy, making it the best combination of comfort, durability and weight in a chair kit. The Trekker™ Chair is now available in two sizes designed to fit both NeoAir™ and self-inflating mattresses.

  • All-Around Comfort: Our best combination of lightweight durability and comfort in a chair.
  • Improved Fit: Two sizes provide an ideal fit for both NeoAir™ and self-inflating mattresses.
  • Easy to Use: Quick set-up and packs small when not in use.

  • SKU:06686
    Fits pads that are: : 20 in wide or 25 in wide.
    Weight: 25 in 13 oz,
    20 in 9 oz
    Country of Origin : 25 in made in USA,
    20 in Made in China
    Other SKUs: 06687
    Product Codes: oo-12402