Superfeet Information

  • Choosing an insole is like choosing any other product you buy. You ask yourself: why should I buy that brand? Who makes it? Who designed the product, and what qualifications do they have?

    Superfeet actually began back in the mid 70s as the Sports Division of one of the world's leading orthotic labs, Northwest Podiatric Laboratory. In 1977 Superfeet became its own company, with the mission to ‘provide affordable orthotics to the general public’.

    Since our beginning over 30 years ago, Superfeet has consistently and successfully created premium insoles for different types of feet, for different activities and sports. In 2006, Superfeet introduced an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) to reward our employees for their years of dedicated service and effort. Those same employees created their own set of Core Values that we now use as a basis for our mission. When you buy a pair of Superfeet, you're getting more than just an exceptional insole. Our products reflect the passion and commitment of everyone at Superfeet to give you healthy feet and a better life!

    The founders of Superfeet, doctors Dennis N. Brown, D.Sc. (Hon) and Christopher Smith D.P.M. own and operate Northwest Podiatric Laboratory in Washington State.
    Dennis and Chris have been working on feet for over 45 years. They estimate they have personally worked on over one million pairs of feet during that time. Chris taught at the California College of Podiatry for over 25 years, and was bestowed the honor of Professor Emeritus for Biomechanics upon his retirement. Both are acknowledged by their peers as pioneers of cutting edge technology in the craft and science of podiatry.

    The shape and design of every Superfeet product reflects our founders' 45+ years of knowledge and experience as leaders in the podiatric field. Superfeet currently distributes throughout North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. Truly, Superfeet Worldwide.
    We challenge any other product to meet this benchmark of credibility!
  • To learn more about Superfeet products, please contact us at for more information.